Monday, September 14th

Congratulations on having a very successful first full day of school!!  I look forward to working with everybody this school year.  Just a few reminders:

#1 – Anyone who has not yet turned in their Summer Work to me or Mrs. Bartels needs to as soon as possible because the summer work does count as a grade.

#2 – If you are missing any supplies please do your best to have them by Friday.

#3 – Please have the Recording Sheet completed and submitted no later than Friday.

#4 – IMPORTANT!!!!!  Since we will not be able to use the water fountains in school, I encourage everybody to bring a bottle of water to school with them everyday.

NOTE: If you expect any difficulties meeting a particular deadline please let me know; I will do my best to accommodate you.

See You All Tomorrow!!!!

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Welcome Back!!!!!

HELLO 5th Grade, my name is Mr. Isaac and I am the new 5th grade Teacher here at St. Peter School.  I am very excited to meet all of you tomorrow and I look forward to getting to know more about each of you as we embark on our journey through 5th Grade.  As part of getting to know each other we will all be completing the “All About Me Emoji” Activity tomorrow morning and sharing it with the class so please have a blank copy printed out and ready for class tomorrow.  In addition to this, we will also be reviewing our Summer work in Science and Math and labeling our notebooks and folders so please have those on hand as well.  I understand some of you may be nervous, I am too, but once we get to know each other and we get used to being back in school again I am sure those nerves will turn into excitement.  I know that there are great things in store for this school year and I am confident that we will all accomplish great things together.  So, I ask you all to join me this school year as we work towards “Unmasking Our Potential” in 5th Grade.  Enjoy your last day of Summer!!  See You Tomorrow!!

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June 15, 2020

Congratulations on surviving a very challenging year!! Relax! Enjoy the summer!! Have FUN!!!!

Please remember:
Learn something new!
Be kind!
Don’t judge others- we are ALL created by God- and God doesn’t make anything that isn’t good.
It is not how someone looks that matters, but how they behave and treat others.
ALL life matters- from womb to tomb.
Do your work and do it well- check your work.
Look out for eachother.
If you see Bob, say , “Hi!”
Appreciate the beauty around you.
Appreciate, love and listen to your parents/grandparents.
As St. Augustine reminds us- God is more than we will ever understand. Take in little pieces and learn.
Remember, God knew we have trouble remembering, so he gave us the Mass to remind us he loves us, and when we celebrate the eucharist, he is with us– we are never alone.

Stay curious!!

Do your summer work and pay attention!

Disney teaches– I love Disney!!


“Always let your conscience be your guide.”

Lesson learned: Use your moral compass when everyone around you is telling you what to do, and you’ll find that your intuition will point you in the right direction.

The Little Mermaid

“The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.”

Lesson learned: You’ll always want more, so appreciate what you have.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

“If watching is all you’re gonna do, then you’re gonna watch your life go by without ya.

Lesson learned: Life’s not a spectator sport, and Walt Disney himself believed that, ‘all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.’

Alice in Wonderland

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Lesson learned: Every day should bring new adventures, and there’s never a reason to stop being curious.


If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.

Lesson learned: Believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams. Unwavering hope (and a little fairy dust) goes a long way.

Mary Poppins

Open different doors, you may find a you there that you never knew was yours. Anything can happen.

Lesson learned: Be curious about the world around you, and never stop trying to find things that interest you.

The Lion King

You must take your place in the Circle of Life.

Lesson learned: We are all different, but we need each other.


The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up.

Lesson learned: Love yourself enough to accept your own flaws – those “flaws” are what make us beautifully different.

Finding Nemo

Just keep swimming!

Lesson learned: Never, never, never give up.

Beauty and the Beast

She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.

Lesson learned:  It matters more who you are on the inside than what you look like on the outside.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Whistle while your work.

Lesson learned: Attitude really is everything, and with a positive approach, the drudgery of everyday tasks won’t seem that bad.


You’re only a fool if you give up.

Lesson learned: Life will throw plenty of rough patches your way, but don’t give up…you’ll get through it.

Lady and the Tramp

There’s a great big hunk of world down there with no fence around it.

Lesson learned:  Keep moving forward and trying new things, and you’ll be led down new paths.

Jungle Book

And don’t spend your time lookin’ around for something you want that can’t be found.

Lesson learned: We spend so much time pining after things in life that we don’t really need when we need to let the necessities come to us once in a while.

Sleeping Beauty

They say if you dream a thing more than once it’s sure to come true.

Lesson learned:  It’s amazing what a little self-encouragement is capable of.

The Fox and the Hound

Darlin, forever is a long, long time, and time has a way of changing things.

Lesson learned:  It’s a hard life lesson, but you can’t always get what you want, but remember that life changes in remarkable ways at the most unexpected moments.

Peter Pan

Think happy thoughts.

Lesson learned: You can accomplish amazing things, even fly, by thinking positively.


If you cannot say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.

Lesson learned:  Enough said.

The Sword in the Stone

For every to, there is a fro. For every stop there is a go, and that’s what makes the world go round.

Lesson learned:  There will be good times, and there will be bad. Imagine how boring life would be if you knew everything that was going to happen.

I believe in you!!

You can do/ be anything you want as long as you work for it!!

And now, the ocean is calling and I must go!!

Stay safe!! God bless!!

Vitual hug!! Reality love–

Mrs. Lange

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May 26, 2020

Good morning!! Please join me at the Google meet. Extra help is at 9:45 and class is at 10AM- Don’t be late. Code will be posted.
Wear your Superhero gear!!! Capes are optional.


1) Mary feast day project due 5/28
2) Have Be My Disciple book

1) ** before we meet- try text p 291 #1-7
2) HW wkbk p 113
3) Due Friday, 5/29- self drawn picture of 15-20 geometric shapes to form a picture- straight lines with a ruler- neatness counts- colored, of course- make a key counting all shapes and their names (spelling counts- text p 329, 332 and 334 )- add a background and details

1) Be sure to have p 216-218 and p217 review question answer
2) Have textbook and notebook
3) Wax museum video due Friday.

1) Read over the Google form. Watch the first two videos and answer Google form about the ISS.
2) Read and note text p 410-411- we will discuss tomorrow as well as the launch.
3) The NASA Live is just interesting to get ready for the launch.


1) Please try text p 326 #1-8 before we meet.
2) HW wkbk p 119
3) Due Friday, 5/29- self drawn picture of 15-20 geometric shapes to form a picture- straight lines with a ruler- neatness counts- colored, of course- make a key counting all shapes and their names (spelling counts- text p 334-336)- add a background and details

1) Read over the Google form so you know what to look for- Watch the first 2 videos and answer the Google form
2) HW due Monday, June 1- choose 1 planet – fill in the graphic organizer in complete sentences and all facts (not opinions)- use your textbook/internet
3) NASA live video is just interesting- ready for the launch

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May 22, 2020

Good morning!! Please join me @10 AM for Google meet-

Please have your created toy and your new constellation to show the class. We will also discuss your wax museum presentation.
**Remember NO late work- we are too close to the end. Watch due dates. If there isn’t a due date it is due that day by 9 PM.


1) Tell me which Feast Day you are doing for 5/28 due date
2) we will pray the rosary

1) IXL go into grade4 Z.4 and (protractor) due Tuesday
2) IXL in grade 5 AA.4 and AA.6 due Tuesday

1) READ and note p 216-218- answer review question on p 217.- due Tuesday

1) Read over the Google form for Dr Elder- he will join s at 11. After his talk, answer the form, submit it and write him a thank you letter. Thank him for his time and tell him 2 things you learned. This is due today


1) IXL Z.4 and (protractor) due Tuesday

1) After Dr. Elder presents– complete the google form (take notes) AND a thank you note- Thank him for his time and let him know 2 things you learned from him.
Sign your name.

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May 21, 2020


If you have any missing work, I expect to see you in the Google Meet from 10-12. You will complete assignments and ask questions about the assignment, but they will get done today by 9 PM. I will not accept anything after that.
If you have kept up with your work or caught up with it, you have the day off. You can complete any weekend assignments. Enjoy! See you tomorrow around 10 AM and Dr. Elder @11.

Some missing assignment worksheets/directions are attached.

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May 20, 2020

Good morning!! Please join me at Google meet at 10 AM- extra help is at 9:45 AM- I will post the code by 9:30


1) Work on Mary’s feast day- due 5/28
2) Have religion book

1) IXL gr. 4 Z.4 and Z. new protractor due Tuesday
2) IXL gr 5 AA.4 and AA.6 due Tuesday
**3) Try to answer attached worksheet before we meet.

1) Project is due!
2) Read and note text p 216-218 and answer review question on p 217. Due Tuesday.
*** some missing worksheets are attached
1) Watch the two videos to get ready for Dr. Elder (NASA) on Friday.
2) Complete the Google form.


1) IXL Z.4 and with protractor is due Tuesday
**2) Complete attached page by the time we meet- answer in your notebook

1) Watch the videos and take notes.
2) Complete the Google form and any other ones you are missing.
3) Your new constellation is due today and anyone who didn’t show their created toy.

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May 19, 2020

Good morning!! Please join me for Google meet- 9:45 for extra help and 10 for class- don’t be late.


**1) Read over the Litany of the Blessed Mother- What does Litany mean?
2) Read over Mary’s feast days and choose 1 with ** to research. Title on top (which feast you are doing), draw a picture to go with the feast day and write 3-5 sentences- tell when it is celebrated, why, where and any other little fact. DUE 5/28

** 1) Try p 283 #48-52 before we meet.
2) Watch the attached video about using a protractor before and after class. We will go over vocabulary- be ready to write definitions in your notebook during class.
3) HW IXL Grade 4 Z.4 and both using protractor AND IXL grade 5 AA.4–All three are due Tuesday

1) Project due tomorrow.
2) Have your textbook and notebook.

1) Watch the videos. Get ready for NASA visit.


1) Watch the attached video before class and after.
2) IXL Z.4 and – protractor – due Tuesday
3) HW p 323 – text- odds- answer in nb- send me a picture

1) Complete science wkbk. p 162-163
2) Watch the videos to get ready for our guest speaker on Friday, Dr. Elder from NASA

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May 18, 2020

Good morning!! Please join me for extra help at 9:45 and then for class AT 10 AM- please try to not be late. Google code will be posted.

Please have your Religion book, and your SS/science text and notebook.


1) Please have your picture of Our Lady of Fatima to show each other (it was due Friday)
2) Answer the Google form about Mother Teresa- if you didn’t take notes Friday, you may want to watch it before the form.
3) Thank you notes – one to Mrs. Costello and one to Kevin- type an email to them- I will forward it to them- thank them and mention 2 things you learned

1) Be sure you have a protractor printed out by Wednesday.
2) IXL I.4 and any missing IXLs
HW – text p.289 #7, 8, 11, 12, 15, 16

1) City plan- follow the worksheet- text p 183
2) 3D Project of either a New England town or a Southern plantation due Wednesday, 5/20
3) Answers to p. #2-3 (It was due last Wednesday)
4) wkbk p 53 (It was due Friday)

1) Have your created toy to share with class
2) Complete any missing Google forms


Good morning!! Please join me at Google Meet AT 11 AM- don’t be late – then stay for extra help for @15 minutes after class. Code will be posted here.

Have your math textbook and notebook- and science workbook for class

1) IXL Q.14 and W.4 are due tomorrow– and any other missing IXLs are due Friday or it stays a zero.
HW – text p 321 #9-16 send me a picture

**Bring you toy creation picture and written explanation to class to show everyone
1) Complete the Google form Science test.
2) Have you science workbook for class
3) Write you thank you note – one to Mrs Costello and one to Kevin- Type an email thank you note to them and email it to me- I will forward it to them- at least three sentences, 1- thank you, and then 2 and 3 what’d you learn and sign your first name

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May 13, 2020

Grade 5
Good morning!! Please attend class at 10 AM- extra help is at 945- sign in is by the castle on stream.

Today is Wednesday so you have Spanish.

1) Have your Be My Disciple book and highlighter.

1)** Before class try wkbk p99 # 1,3, 5
2) Be sure all IXLs are up to date -H.1 and H.2 due today
3) HW wkbk p 100 #3, 5, 8

1) Watch the Mystery Science video and answer the questions on Google form.
2) Complete the activity by Friday
3) Be sure to have answered #1 on p407 and completed experiment from p 404 (I don’t have a lot of pictures/videos)

1) Have your textbook and notebook
2) Project and any missing work

Grade 4
Good Morning!! Please join me for Google Meet at 11- then extra help after for about 15 minutes.

Once you are done with all your work, please enjoy the “Tom and Jerry” cartoon- it is several pieces of several episodes.

1) Before we meet, please try wkbk p 118 #1, 3, 5, 6
2) Be sure IXL R.17 is done- make up all other missing IXL by Monday, 5/18 or they stay a zero.
3) HW text p 320 odds in nb

1) Watch the attached Mystery Science about living on the moon. We will discuss. Take notes.
2) Watch the video in gr 4 and 5 about toys, take notes and answer the Google form.

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