February 17,2019

Remember to copy and paste your completed Criterion- change all pronouns that refer to your person to I/me/mine (singular/personal pronouns) and print it out to begin practicing your oral presentation– bring it and all quotes and pics for tri fold on Wednesday— ALL criterion was to be sent to Mrs. Bartels by yesterday (Saturday)– some are not done.
Get IXL done
See you Wednesday : ) ??

February 15, 2019

Enjoy the 4 day weekend!!! Well deserved!! See you on Wednesday, 2/20
Religion- handwriting- finish p 45, 52-53

MATH- IXL L.10, L.18 and L.19 due 2/22

MATH/SS- president work packet due 2/20–work on Wax museum- costume, quotes, items relate to person- we will work on trifold on Wednesday- be sure you have it-don’t glue anything down til checked

Still can use empty paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls


MATH- IXL N.3 and J.2 due 2/22—finish wkbk p 73–study customary units of measurements you wrote in your nb- quiz on 2/22

SCIENCE- wkbk p 158-159

February 14.2019 <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!!
RELIGION- finish Family Life p 19-20 – tomorrow morning
MATH- IXL L.10, L.18 and L.19 due 2/22
MATH/SS- president package due 2/20 (you may work on it after each test tomorrow)
SS- study–WAX MUSEUM- get Criterion done and practice your oral report


MATH- IXL N.1 and N.2 due tomorrow// worksheet- Follow directions!!

SCIENCE- wkbk p 157- We are boldly going…..

GRADE 5 SS notes

Marco Polo
?*Traveled to China to bring back trade goods from China
?* Marco Polo’s journey had a positive affect on others because
? people in both Europe and Asia wanted to know more about
? each other
Silk Road
?*Connected China and other lands
?*Silk Road was a network of land and sea routes for trading
?*China learned how to make silk cloth from silk worms, which ?? over years the demand grew & silk became worth its weight in ?? gold

Zheng He
?*Determined to reach many places in order to expand trade and
show their power
?*Zheng He voyages resulted in higher demands for Chinese trade goods

?*Became major trading center known as a “land of gold”
?*Kingdom of Ghana, Chinese people and caravans were ?? involved in traveling great distances to exchange goods with ?? people of other cultures
?*Gold for salt was the type of trade often made in Ghana
?*Mali & Songhai, two African kingdoms that became wealthy
? from trade after Ghana

?*A group of traders traveling together
?*Caravans were used to bring goods to and from the lands of
? West Africa
?*Southward across the Sahara the route of many early trade
? caravans in Africa

?*Brought cloth & horses to trade in North Africa


February 13, 2019

** grade 5 Science and SS tests are both on Friday

RELIGION- finish FAMILY LIFE p 17-18

MATH- worksheet- IXL L.10, L.18 and L.19 due on Friday, 2/22

SS- study- wkbk p 32

SCIENCE- study- finish p 158


MATH- IXL N.1 and N.2 due Friday– wkbk p 72

SCIENCE- study- test Thursday 2/14


February 13- 5th grade Science notes

GRADE 5 ch 5

* Carnivores obtain their energy by eating other animals
*In an ecosystem a decomposers role is to break down waste and dead matter. In this process the decomposers make nitrogen compounds that can be used by plants.
*The source of much of the oxygen in the atmosphere is plankton in the oceans
*Tropical Rainforest Biome is home to more species that any other biome
*Know the Energy Pyramid
*Plankton in the ocean is the source of much of the oxygen in the atmosphere
* Corals have a symbiotic relationship with plant like algae that grows inside of them. The algae benefits the corals because the algae helps the coral make a hard outside coating
* Three non-living parts of an ecosystem
-light, soil, and temperature
*Know the Food Web

* Be able to recognize at least 2 food chains and the flow of energy

February 13- 4th grade science notes


- A balanced ecosystem is where no animal or plant drives out other animals and plants
- The impact of parasites on an ecosystem hurts one organism and helps another
- People building houses can disturb the balance of the ecosystem
- An ecosystem can change quickly when certain natural disasters strike such as earthquakes
- Extinct- entire species gone forever
- A way an animal can become extinct is if their habitat is destroyed
- With the constant change in our environment the United State established National Parks to help preserve nature’s beauty and habitats of plants and animals
- Relationship between a parasite and a host
* Parasites live on another organism called a host. The parasite uses the host as a source of food and harms the host
- What are affects of a flood to an ecosystem?
* Water might make the grass die, which would mean the animals the eat grass would move to another place or die and the animals that prey on those animals would also move or die
-Competition- when two or more species must use the same limited resources
-Endangered- species that may soon become endangered
-Succession- process of gradual change from one community of organisms to another

February 12, 2019

Happy Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday!! and SNOW day!!!
Be sure to use your time well. Work on IXL – I was glad to see a few of you are done already!!
Research your Wax Museum figure- look online and print out some quotes by this person- at least 4-6
-find a picture of this person for your trifold also- look around the house for possible costumes and practice striking a pose (time yourself as to how long you can hold it) all must be ready by Monday, February 25th- we will do a practice run with the History Club to see what’s still needed. Don’t forget to have at least 3 items to display on the table to represent your person also
SS- ch test Thursday, 2/14
SCIENCE- ch test Friday, 2/15

MATH- use your time well- complete IXL- study times tables
SCIENCE- since I’ve had trouble posting the ch notes, the test will be on Thursday, we can review tomorrow- study anyway! you have the notes- check your workbook (front and back)- reread the text

February 11, 2019

MATH- IXL L.10, L.18, L.19 due 2/22/// wkbk p 57 odds
SCIENCE- test Friday, 2/15
SS- trifold in school by Wed./ / test 2/14// WAX MUSEUM, 3/1///finish p 119 facts and main ideas//finish Pocahontas wksht

MATH- You need a ruler with inches and metric// wkbk p 71// IXL N.1 and N.2
SCIENCE- ch test Wed., 2/13- study- notes posted in a few

February 8,2019

CONGRATS to all for a great job with STEM and especially to Climate Heroes!
RELIGION-finish coloring St Francis Xavier
MATH- wkbk p 55- IXL L.8
SS- African American good, strong rewrite–by Tuesday, please bring your trifold for WAX MUSEUM – you need to find a costume at home, practice the oral report based on the Criterion you are doing for English

MATH- IXL N.1 and N.2 due Friday
SCIENCE- rewrite STEM paragraph-heading, neatness, spelling, organized- what you liked, why, what you learned