Google Classroom Uploads


 Google Classroom Uploads: 

  1. This year we will work on Chrome Books in class and also in our notebooks/paper.
  2. Chromebook work will be uploaded after the assignment is complete in class.
  3. Paper/Notebook uploads will be designated to 2 x a week.  Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every Tuesday and Thursday beginning next week if something is due, it will be posted on the HW blog and G. Classroom. Students can upload the assignment as part of their homework.

Steps we have practiced in class:

  1. Photograph the assignment.
  2. Log onto Google Classroom and click on assignment name.
  3. Click upload file (IPAD or Android/ Phone should automatically open your pictures)
  4. Click the picture and submit/send.


It is very easy. This will help us with going paperless and staying safe during the school year.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Be Well & Stay Safe

Ms Tighe


I just have a few helpful bits of information that might make the first day of school easier for parents and students. I know there is a lot to bring so we can really do it over two days.

ON MONDAY   9/14/20

1. Important. Please make sure that before coming to school on Monday all the children already have their supplies unwrapped and ready for use. Storing it in their backpacks would be great. Notebooks, pencils, and sharpeners are priority for the first day.

Any other supplies can be brought into school on Tuesday.

2. All Summer work/projects are due on Monday.

3. Cleaning supplies that were on the list can be brought in on Tuesday. We have what we need for the day until individual items arrive.  

4. Please remember to pack lunch and a snack.

Thank You and see you then!





Friday 9/11


CLASS CODE:  qf4ys76

MUSIC  3rd Grade: es24rly

Remote learning’continues on Friday morning!

  1. Please sign in to Google Classroom by 8:30.
  2. Wear your school uniform.
  3. Bring your summer reading projects with you to present to the class.
  4. Class will be dismissed at 12:30