Tuesday 6/10/20


Create your own Fractions.
Draw parts of a whole for the fractions below. Use a pizza or a cherry pie.




What is being a Good Citizen?

Read p. 376 – 379
Link to Art- p. 379 (Make a poster) please color it



Write 2 paragraphs (show off your writing skills).
You can use the topic sentences below for each paragraph. Just fill in your own choice.

Monday 6/8/20


Pizza Fractions!!!

I am ordering a pie with the following on it:

2 slices with pepperoni
1 with black olives
3 with mushrooms and extra cheese
2 with green peppers and pineapple

Please make sure that my pizza is accurate and cut even. So please use a ruler. It must have the correct amount of slices.

You will need to create it by printing out the pizza file below. Or you can draw it (If you draw it, please trace circles using something at home. One large and one a little smaller). Tuesday we will make sure that we do something with this pizza. So keep it safe. : )


VENN DIAGRAM: Compare 2 Fairy tales!

Please read the fairy tales below and fill in the Venn Diagram or create one on loose leaf paper. : ) Enjoy!

10 Commandments – Commandments 9 & 10.
Read p. 258- 259
Complete Questions and Activity.

Thursday 6/4/20


Let’s try 3 digit division with remainders.
Group White Board Meet Read Division Example Problem p. 381.

Practice division p.381 (1- 10) independently.


How can we understand American Government?
Review Bill of Rights Video

Project/ Write 2 paragraphs. Illustrate each with pictures. In each paragraph explain what the right is and give example.


Read pp. 251-255 This is about the Fourth Commandment.
Please do the questions on each page and Activities on both pages. 253, 255.

Wednesday 6/3/20


The 10 Commandments
Read, God is Love p. 246 -247.
Questions p. 248, 249 Activity.


Complete Being Verbs Worksheet -

Complete each sentence by filling in the correct verb.
Past Present and Future Tense.


Create an anchor chart/poster
Create a real life Word Problem for it. Division. Choose a division problem, sequence the steps and color code.


Chemical and physical changes in matter.
Chapter Review Chapt. Vocabulary.
Vocabulary Complete Questions (1- 10) p. 318


Tuesday 6/2/20


American Government – The Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights
Read p. 366 – 371 Watch Schoolhouse Rock Videos- Bill of Rights Video

Complete p. 371 Question (1-4) (Project Tomorrow)



Read The Taos Pueblo AB p. 13.3.

Choose 1 paragraph. Write down its main and details.

Video – Read paragraph and orally explain which sentence is the main idea and what sentences are details that prove the main idea to be true.


Why are changes of matter important to everyday life?
Read, p. 310-311.

Graphic organizer project/ show 3 examples of chemical changes in matter.
Caption all of them and explain how the change happens.


Monday 6/1/20


Problem Solving – 2 digit division with remainders. Pro: Read Division Example Problem p. 376. Assess: Practice division p.378 (1- 7) independently


Compare and Contrast Native Americans
Review Chapters 1 and 2
Graphic Organizer AB p. 13.2. (145, 146)


The Ten Commandments
Read, The first three commandments. p. 244 -245.
Questions p. 244, 245 Activity.


Friday 5/29/20


Division with remainders   p. 373 (20-31)


Read Fables:  AB p. 13.1 and Questions


What is Point of View.? 

Write a letter as a royal family member, a knight or the wealthy barons.

Explain your point of view about the Magna Carta and the paying of taxes to King John.

Thursday 5/28/20


How did America form it’s Government? What examples did America use from other nations in the world?

Remember Ancient Rome? Well we will be traveling back there for a little bit today.

Also, we will travel to Ancient Greece.

1. Read p. 357 – 361 Governments of the Past.
2. WATCH VIDEO, Venn Diagram ( 3 sentences each) Compare and Contrast Ancient Greece and United States of America.


Native American History

Read Unit Assessment Pt. 2 Fire: A Cherokee Myth
AB p. 13.1 Questions. p. 133 (Complete question pages through 137)


Students will be able to understand 2 digit division with remainders. Pro: Read Division p. 372.

Practice division review problems p.373 (5-19) independently.


What are The Ten Commandments?

Read, 10 commandments p. 242 -242.
Questions and Activity p. 242 Activity.