May 4th

8th grade Grammar-The students will answer the following question on Criterion. Imagine that everyone on earth is suddenly granted the ability to read minds. It is no longer necessary to speak in order to communicate, and it is no longer possible to lie to another person. What effects would this change have on our world? You may want to concentrate on a specific aspect such as social interactions or political campaigns. Write an essay describing some of the changes you would expect to see. Be sure to include both good and bad changes. Write a five paragraph essay and this assignment will be due on May 6th.

7th grade S.S.- Work on your Civil War diorama project that will be due on May 6th. Continue to work on your battle map.

6th grade S.S.- The five paragraph essay on the Fall of the Roman Empire will be due on May 5th.  The students must study for an upcoming chapter test on Ancient Rome. This will be held on May 17th.

8th grade Religion-The students will outline pages 97-105 in their religion workbooks. This will be due on May 6th.

8th grade S.S.- The students will hand in their Holocaust assignment on May 5th.

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