Happy Friday! September 24, 2020

Remote Student Info -In our drop box I am returning your child’s folders.  Please pick them up  today .  I thank you for dropping it off on Wednesday. I will email you if I don’t see something that needs to be returned. Please have your child write their name on the work done electronically before you return it to me.

The children are doing well in class and at home. The rules for the classroom raising your hand when you have a question, not calling out  when your work is finished  must be followed so that all who are working can concentrate on their work.  We will be focusing on letter formation and phonic skills in reading.  We will have each day to silently read in class and to read with expression.

I have copies of work that we do in class for my students. All papers needed for the day/week  will be posted in Google class work posted and assigned. Please do not do it ahead of time or your child at home will not have it in front of them when it is done in class.  Today we used  Smiley Lion dot to dot , connecting numbers 1-53  and then we used it to write a story.

Addition flash cards should be started now. This will help them learn their addition facts to 20.

Have a great weekend! Keep reading at home!




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September 24, 2020 Happy Thursday! Grade 1

Today we will write our first story in our journal notebook.  It is a white notebook with lines in it and on top a blank space for drawing or pasting a cut out dot to dot.  Today we will have  a dot to dot of Smiley Lion.  We will count and find numbers up to 50! We will cut it out and paste it into our first page of our journal.   Think about who is Smiley? What is he doing in your story? Does he have friends in your ? What does Smiley like to do in your story? Think about what you are going to write.  On a white piece of paper write your story and check it. Did you start with a capital letter for each sentence? Did your sentence end with a period?  After it is checked by your parent. and after I hear it in class and at home. You will print it neatly using the guidelines in your book. Remember take your time and be neat.

HW tonight  will be -Math practice book -pg.  10

HW reading – Write sentences for posh -in the story On the Bus  posh shop  pg52  means where the things inside this shop costs a lot of money.   Our words tonight posh best all  red   I need the work from remote learners. Thank you for the work I received.    Ms. Rienzi


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September 23, 2020

HW Reading Notebook- Write a sentence for hand drop and thrush – which is a bird in our story ‘The Bus Stop in our reader Snap Shot. Practice the story  The Bus Stop tonight.

Math Practice Book – pg 9

* Remember to wear your uniform for class.  !

Remote learners drop off work in drop box today.

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September 22, 2020 Tuesday

Homework for tonight will be done in your child’s  Reading Notebook- Write sentences  for the words given in your child’s notebook.

Math Practice book pg. 8 Your child  is instructed to circle the page number each day and put it in their back pack when done.

If you have not signed into Google Classroom to accept my invitation to be in class and see assignments please do so today.

The children are doing nice work and getting use to our safety rules in class. We will have music this Thursday in the morning.  If you have not signed into Ms. O’Shea’s class I gave you her class code in this first grade blog. Please see her class blog going to teacher’s pages at St Peter School’s website

Have a great day! Ms. Rienzi

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September 21, 2020 A Look at our day!

  • Good Morning!  Our Schedule for today.  We will begin our day with Prayer and Flag Salute.
  • Religion Break and stretch  run in place  jump  and then play Simon Says
  • Snack
  • Phonic songs  alphabet, short vowel  Ferris Wheel Song
  • Art project Create a red apple add eyes with construction paper  add a yarn mouth. Decorate both sides for our classroom.
  • Math HW in Math notebook Write numbers from 0-40 Space after each number.
  • Solving word problems following directions
  • Write and say numbers to 40 in math notebook
  • Recess outside at 10:55-11:15
  • Lunch / bathroom break.11:15-12:15
  • Noun lesson  video Jack Hartman  Link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cu7C07pNbA
  • Read “Bud the Cat” and :Fish ” in our Snap Shot book
  • *Copy HW in Reading notebook   bud vet fix and fish
  • Computer/Spanish  at 1:35-2:15
  • Clean out our desk and prayer. 2:15-2:30
  • Read silently till 2:40 Line up and dismissal
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Music and Spanish/Computer class codes – Grade1- September 18,2020

Dear Parents,

Our music class will be on Thursday at 9:10-9:50. Music Class code is 46sr2nl

Our first grade  class code is prakptr for our google meet.

Our computer/Spanish  class code is qqrdwph

Thank you for returning all  required summer work!

Best Regards,

Ms Rienzi

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Happy Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday – Homework! September 14-18. 2020

Tuesday-  HW  Math -pg 3 in little math practice book.      Reading notebook  Voc.  a, once of  found in your child’s  R-Reading notebook.                                                            Wednesday  HW pg. 4 in little math practice book     Practice your reading book “Snap Shots” at home tonight. Return them tomorrow. Put them in your backpack when you finish.    We practice in class each day.   All of our vocabulary words you wrote a sentence for each one  and studied them.  Now practice your story:” Beth” and I will listen to everyone tomorrow.  You should be reading with expression. I modeled that yesterday !  Have Fun !

Thursday  pg. 5 -6 in little math book.

Friday – No Homework   Have a great weekend. 

Reminders Remote learners . There will be a drop box in the front of the school. Please put your child’s work for this week so far in a plastic folder and submit to me. Going forward we will submit electronically workbook pages done at home. I’ll let you know when we will start.  Tests will be sent electronically. We’ll start with that.  Thanks, Ms.Rienzi

Masks are worn throughout the day except when the children are eating their snack and lunch.  Please talk to your child to keep their distance from each other.  I know they are little  but I also know that they need reminders  in school and at home.   The children should have a few masks in their backpack so that if they become uncomfortable they can put on a fresh one.       Thanks, Ms. Rienzi


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September 14,2020 Homework

Math Workbook.- Do pages 1 and 2

Reading – Write a simple sentence for I   am  and the

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Monday -September 14,2020 – First Grade

Happy Monday ! I need listening ears today.  You should have extra  masks in your backpack in a zip lock bag with your name on the bag  and one mask on your face.  When we come into class we will use our hand sanitizer dispenser when you enter our room.  We will talk about safety rules and class rules.  Make sure you have your lunch box if you are not getting hot lunch. Bring a snack, water bottle / juice boxes  and  wipes for your desk. We will not be using the water fountains in school. We love our snacks!

Our remote students you’ll need your supplies for school .  Remember your pencils, markers, crayons, eraser, glue,and  drawing paper.  Last week when you received your supplies I gave you a big piece of  white paper folded and some little pieces  in a zip lock bag. Today we will create ourselves using the large white paper. Draw your head , add your body, arms and legs. We will draw the pieces first and follow my directions in class. We will use the color construction pieces of  paper to add hair,  eyes and shoes.  Draw yourself using a pencil and  when finished cut it out carefully and then decorate you.  I will use this art project for our bulletin board in the hallway.

Our schedule today !

  • Prayer and Flag Salute
  • We will go over all of our books together and the children will write their name in each one.
  • Religion
  • Reading /Phonic
  • Snack/ Bathroom break
  • Handwriting
  • Lunch will be delivered to our class. We will wash our hands and use sanitizer. Children will be in their seats and enjoy their lunch.
  • After lunch we will begin our art project. Listening and following directions is important.  We need glue, markers, crayons scissors, pencils. I’d like the children to use Ticonderogo Laddie Pencils.  They are triangular and have an eraser on them. I will hand them out to the children and the remote children will get their pencils on Wednesday when you drop off your child’s plastic folder with their class work. All the children have 1 pencil on their desk and remote learners were given one too. When I give back your folder the following week the  Laddie pencils will be inside them.  Every Wednesday you need to drop off your child’s class work.  It will be in the front of the building.  Thanks, Ms. Rienzi  Class tests will be submitted electronically.

We will not have special classes this week.

We begin our day at 800 a.m. and you’ll enter at the front door.  I will be waiting for you.  We will keep our 6 ft distance in line. We have the hallway marked off so the children will know where to stand in line.  Our dismissal time is at 2:45 p.m and dismissed from the back door to the parking lot.    Please read Mrs. Sisco’s letter to the parents. found on our school website. St.Peter School Belleville NJ .   Clicking  on the yellow pencil (teacher’s pages)  will take you to our First Grade Blog and you can email me at Rienzigrade1@stpeter-school.org.

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Our sign in for Google Meet tomorrow ! September 10, 2020

Please sign in at 8:30 for our meeting.  You all have your sign in and class code.

Remote learners  have their books at home.  Students coming in on Monday,  all of your books and materials are on your desks.  You have a tri-fold shield on your desk.  We will go over our rules about distancing in class, wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer throughout the day.   Google classroom assignments videos and stories will be posted on Google classroom when you sign in beginning Monday.  Today we have  one paper displayed and if you open it you can work on that for math today. Be ready to tell me about you. You’re going to be asked to introduce yourself and share some of the things you enjoy doing.  Everyone will have a turn.  We will go over the alphabet and letter sounds. vowel sounds, prayers to know and saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  Tomorrow you will need a piece of drawing paper . Your going to draw a picture about something you did over the summer and share it with the class. You’ll need your crayons or marker and a pencil.   Please sign in using our class code  prakptr   We will take a break for snack and bathroom.  See you tomorrow! Ms.Rienzi

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