Hello May 3, 2021 Grade 1

Homework for May 3-7, 2021

Monday - Reading words are scales ostrich kicked – Math-IXL(Addition  word problems Sums to 20)                                                                                                            Tuesday – Reading words are river, chase pointed nose. Math IXL – Subtraction Sentences for word problem. Up to 20 Homework for May 3-7, 2021                                                                                                                                            Wednesday- Reading words are carpet yesterday temper.  Math Practice -pg. 138.   This should be done                                                                                                          Thursday Reading Words are chicken nuggets, sometimes, woodlands    Math Practice pg.  139 This should be done.       Tonight do pgs 113 and 117                Friday No Homework. Feel free to use IXL every day of the week  I get  a report on how all of you are doing and what you practiced so far. All first graders should be practicing their addition and subtraction facts to 20,  Geometric shapes,  Solving Word problems skills  and Measurement.! Have Fun.  


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April 26-29, 2021 No Homework on the 30th Grade 1

Homework – The week of April 26-30, 2021

*Spelling words found on pg. 53 Level 4 workbook.  Check your child’s spelling notebook and in Google Classroom. Spelling words are 1 zipper 2. barking   3. perfume 4. morning  5. carpet6. forest 7. border 8. today

Monday -Reading words HW .  napping  sneezing winter IXL addition and subtraction  practice.  Addition flash card drill each night. Sums to 20 Math practice pg. 122

Tuesday – Reading words - HW critters groundhog bobcat  Math - HW IXL Addition and Subtraction practice,  Math Practice pg. 123

Wednesday- Reading words- cage face mice  Math HW -IXL 20 minutes Addition and Subtraction Practice. Math Practice pg. 120

Thursday- Reading words – HW words – dinner otter  webbed feet
Math – HW IXL addition and subtraction facts to 20 Math Practice pg. 121


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April 19-23,2021 Grade 1

Homework for April 19-23, 2021

Monday – Reading words    HW pg.  35 Use contractions to complete each sentence.   HW words are- branch Carl -Math Practice -  138

Tuesday- Reading words- HW words storm park start    Math Practice – 139-140

Wednesday Reading Words -   HW words sports short born – Math Practice 141-142

 Thursday – Reading words -HW words are cheeks yawning because.  IXL   20 minutes time and money.

Please check Google classroom to see if there is an assignment for all my students.  Please study for your spelling tests and write your words 2 times each Monday-Thursday. Remote work needs to be handed in daily so it can be graded. Please check that all work is done before it is submitted to me. Thanks so much!

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April 12-16, 2021 Grade 1

Homework the week of April 12-16, 2021

Monday – Reading words are- march chart bark Math practice pgs.100, 101 .   Spelling words Write each words 2 times each. Write and study each night Monday – Thursday Spelling test on Friday.

Tuesday – Reading words are- art farm yarn Math Practice pages.101-102

Wednesday – Reading words are- star car arm  Math  IXL for 20 minutes Solid shapes , money

Thursday – Reading words are- she’s here’s can’t IXL for 20 minutes

Spelling test on Friday -Use WB  pg. 17 (5.1 ) when we take our test. Math IXL money-  Addition – Subtraction for 20 minutes.

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March 29-30, 2021 Grade 1

Homework-  March 29- 30,2021

 Monday – Reading words are herd, turn, bird – Math IXL 20 minutes.

Tuesday – Reading words are verb, her, clerk –Math  IXL for 20 minutes.

Wednesday- No Homework.

Happy Easter!  Keep reading and  practice addition and subtraction flash card drill !


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March 22-26, 2021 Grade 1

Reading HW for March 22-26, 2021

Monday- Write sentences for stood bent reeds Math Practice pg.96

Tuesday -Write sentences for shall can’t crack Math Practice pg.98

Wednesday – Write sentences for coin mouth couch Math Practice pg .97

Thursday – Write sentences for straw yawn shawl  Math -                                                                  IXL  practice  20 minutes.  Study!!

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March 15-19, 2021 Grade 1

Homework March 15-19, 2021

Monday –  Reading -HW- Write sentences for they smiled shape  Math Practice – HW  pg. 109

 Tuesday- Reading - HW trick crane gave Math Practice HW pg110

Wednesday- Reading- HW   week reed bend – Math Practice  HW pgs.  114-115

 Thursday – Reading-  HW gust  proud crack Math Practice HW pg. 116                                                                                                                                                                                                 Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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March 8-12 2021 Grade 1

March 8-12, 2021 Homework

Monday- Reading Words -Write sentences for paw saw  lawn  Math Practice pg. 107 -IXL 10 minutes

Tuesday-Reading Words -straw claw crawl  Math Practice pg.  108  IXL 10- minutes

Wednesday Reading words- should would could                                                           Math Practice pg, 109   IXL 10 minutes

Thursday-  Reading words -wash sleep hood                                                                    IXL 20 minutes   

Check Google Classroom for assignments!!!



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Hello March 1, 2021 Grade 1

Homework words for March 1-5, 2021

Monday -Reading words. -toys drop drip    Math Practice pg. 95

Tuesday Reading words are -would much fell  Math IXL 20 minutes

Wednesday- Reading words -soil cloud were                                                                             Math IXL 20 minute   Homework in Google Classroom    2 Reading Papers. for all students.  Hand in through Google Classroom.    Thanks!  Posted this again for Thursday due Friday.  Received one assignment.                                        Thursday - *** Reading words are loud  shouted stole  count  Google Classroom HW for all students !!  Math Practice pg. 112   **** Posted this again for Thursday due Friday.  Received one assignment.                           
Friday -   Chapter 19 Religion test  Friday   Reading pgs. in Google classroom.                      Spelling Test on Friday. Words are in Google Classroom.  Have Fun

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February 22-26, 2021 Grade 1

Monday – Reading words are – lunch  catch which    Math Practice pg 89                                  Tuesday – Reading words are -stood brook  bunch   Math  90                                                        Wednesday Reading words are- strong mule packs  Math Practice pg 91                                  Thursday – Reading  words are  -math bench flash    Math Practice pg 92

*Please remember to hand in all work assignments in Google Classroom. Thank You!












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