January 25-29, 2021 Homework Grade 1

January 25-29, 2021

Monday – Reading – Write sentences for drives, lines, speeds Math  Practice  pg.57

Tuesday – Reading – Google Classroom pgs. 123-124 Match the picture to the correct phrase. Send to me through Google Classroom. {Remote learners] In class students –Reading pgs. are in your child’s folder.  Math – IXL 

Wednesday- Reading- Write sentences for trench, slings, wipes. Math Practice -58 Tens and ones

Thursday-  Reading – Google classroom – Phrases pgs. 125-126 Remote Learners. In class students – pages are  in your child’s folder. Math Practice pg. 59

Friday  No HW                                                                                                       *Every night you should be :  Reading  at home practice &Addition Flash Card drill.


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January 18-22, 2021

Homework for this week.  IXL  fun 15-20 minutes when assigned.

Monday -  No School Martin Luther King Jr. Day                                                                    Tuesday -Reading Words- Write sentences for  waves creek RexMath – IXL        Wednesday-  Reading words-  are when shed   Math Practice pg ,56                                      Thursday -Reading words-  tracks  twins  need   Math IXL                                                     Friday -  No Homework



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January 11-15, 2021 Grade 1

Homework for this week.

Monday- Math Practice-pg, 53 Reading words-lakes take cheers                              Tuesday- Math Practice pg 54  Reading words-your, which,were                               Wednesday-  Math Practice-55    Reading – Practice the story  Smash  Dogs  Thursday-    Reading words- house pay  tube  Math IXL for 15-20 minutes.

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January 4, 2021 Grade 1 Happy New Year !!

This week, January 4-8 2021 we will have fun and learn remotely.  We will begin at 8:30am -2:45pm   Prayer and Dismissal at 2:40-2-45 pm.   Please have your books ready, crayons, pencils, glue, paste, notebooks  and computer paper ready so that all of you can get busy and produce great work.  More information in Google Classroom. Our computer /Spanish time is on Monday at 1:35 -2:15    Log into Miss O’Shea’s Google Classroom.  Our music time is on Thursday morning  9:10am-9:50am . Her Google Classroom info is next to Grade 1 sign in.

Homework -  Monday -  Homework- Math -Addition flash card drill IXL 15-20 minutes. Reading – Practice – “Saved by the Bells”. Reading- 3 Sentences for mule, shakes, rope. Remember be neat every letter counts,  Take your time.

Tuesday – Reading words are -plan flat  grass Math practice – pg. 50                    Wednesday – Write sentences for cave. saved   &  Math Practice pg. 51.      Thursday -Read our reader with fluency – Saved by the Bells  Math – IXL-15-20 minutes.

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December 21,2020 First Grade

Good Morning.

This week will be 12:30 dismissals.

Monday Homework. Reading Words  are  flag  scare plan  Math Practice pg. 48

Tuesday Homework- Reading – Circle all the sight words you know. Make flash cards for any word that you don’t know .  Study this list.  Practice and read to me.  Math Practice pg. 49

Merry Christmas to all.




























































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December 14-18, 2020 Grade 1

Good Morning,    Monday – Write sentences for scare  tale  queen  Math  we had assessments .  Reading paper pg. 83  Double ee paper today in Google Classroom-  Class work today.  NO homework in Math practice tonight except for Addition Flash card drill  to 20.for 15 minutes.  I sent IXL math usernames and passwords for our math practice at home.  You can explore this tonight.  Please send in addition flash cards to 20 for school use in a zip lock bag.  Thanks !

Tuesday- 17.2 pg. 71 found on Google Classroom.  Read The Queen and King in reader. Math Flash Card drill to 20.

Wednesday Reading write sentences in R notebook. HW words are cheer  wife  plate.           Reading Assessment 18.1 pgs 73-74 in Google Classroom. Math HW in Math Practice pg. 48.          Thursday – In Google remote children  Reading 17.1 pgs. 69-70 we will do this on Monday.  It will be Class work Please have it ready. Thanks. Write sentences for take  mule greet tonight. 

Friday – Remote Parent /Teacher conferences No School  for the children today.  Please be on time so we can talk for ten minutes about your child’s progress.

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December 10&11 2020 Grade 1

We will be remote today December 10 & 11th . Yesterday I sent home work in Phonic , Handwriting and Math that we will be doing in class. Please sign in to Google Classroom like we did for our back go school day. Your child’s username is their First name initial and last name @stpeterbelleville.org. I will email you our class code.  You were given your password as well when you were invited into Google Classroom.

We will sign in by 8:20 AM and sign off  at 2:30 . We will have lunch at 11:15 – and return at 12:20. When we are all on line the mute button should be used. When I ask a question you’ll respond by unmuting yourself and then speaking.  When you are finished talking to me you will mute yourself.  Listen carefully so you will know what to do.  I will have some work posted on Google class work. Please look to see what is needed for today. December 10.   Looking forward to our day.  Send work that we do assigned in Google classroom back to me.  Thank You

Homework   - Thursday Reading words are sweep case games. Math Practice pg. 47.


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Grade 1 December 7,2020

Good morning,


Monday  Reading words – Write sentences for make sweet  shakes  Reading Fuzz and Mel questions to answer in Google Classroom.                                                                                          Tuesday – School is closed                                                                                                                      Wednesday Reading words are wipe cakes pipe  Math Practice pg. 46                                        Thursday Reading words are sweep case games. Math Practice pg 47.












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November 30, 2020 Grade 1

Good Morning . Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break.

All students have an assignment in Google Classroom. The sentence paper is due Wednesday December 2, 2020. Please send it back to me through Google Classroom.

Homework for this week will be Monday Reading words -black stripes crawl Math Practice  pg.  43 and any absent work not complete as well as corrections  that need to be done.                                                                                                                                                            Tuesday  Reading words pull grass brick    Math Practice pg.44 Missing addend.                Wednesday- please  sleep brave  Math Practice pg,45                                                                Thursday - sick last land     Math Practice pg.46

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November 23-25, 2020 Grade 1

https://drive.google.com/file/d/15B4cyTAah_2tfrVWznHNj2agE7-jGvSg/view?usp=sharing  A  Thanksgiving Message from Father Ivan  November 25,2020


Monday Reading words -Write sentences for band hand sand Math Practice pg.42    Tuesday Reading words – Write sentences for umbrella under after – Math Practice pg.43                                                                                                                                                   Wednesday – 12:15 Dismissal  Happy Thanksgiving.

Please submit your work through Google Classroom . Check it each day for remote and in class students. Tests and quizzes are due same day it was given. Papers on Google classroom can be sent to me the day we do it.

Classwork is collected in our drop box every Wednesday.  It is due on this day for your child to receive credit for his/her daily assignments Workbook pages are to be submitted in plastic folder. Please check Google Classroom for work to be done by all students and submit it back to me. Thank you!!   Happy Thanksgiving 

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