Congratulations class of 2020!

Have a great summer 😊

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June 2nd

Happy Graduation Day!

Parents please check your emails.

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June 1st

Let’s Party!  Make and decorate a Last Day of Kindergarten sign.  Then put on your party clothes and take a picture with your sign.  Also check out ClassDojo for a zoom story time and dance party!

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May 29th

Let’s go to the zoo!  Below is the link to different animals that are at the Cape May County Zoo in NJ.  You need to pick 4 different animals and tell me 2 facts about each animal you pick.  Have Fun!



Ring-tailed Lemurs

Red Panda

American Black Bear

Reptile House

American Alligator



Snow Leopards

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May 28th



Science- Watch Bill Nye the Science Guy.

After watching Bill Nye the Science Guy make a volcano don’t forget to tell me what kind of volcano you made.  For a challenge see if you can make the volcano erupt (use vinegar and backing soda) outside might be the best place to do this.


Let’s go on a scavenger hunt. Pick 6 things from the list below and take pictures of what you find.  You can find these thing in your house or maybe even outside.  Don’t forget to have fun.

  1. Find something that is bigger than you.
  2. Find something the size of your shoe.
  3. Find something that grows.
  4. Find something that is the color green.
  5. Find something the shape of a cube.
  6. Find something the shape of a sphere.
  7. Find something that makes a noise.
  8. Find something with numbers.
  9. Find something that is shinny.
  10. Find something that is rough.
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May 27th

Math TellingTimetotheHourKindergarten(10)

Science Fairy Tales STEM

Skills Skills 10 Lesson 16

Knowledge Knowledge 12 Lesson 6.1

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May 26th

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  Today in honor of yesterday being Memorial Day let’s wear Red, White, and/or Blue.  Don’t forget to send me your pictures! (This is optional)


Math TellingTimetotheHourKindergarten(7)

Knowledge Knowledge 12 Lesson 5

Skills Skills 10 Lesson 14 (1)

Science- Let’s build our own Spaceship!  You can make it out of materials you have at home.    It could be as big or as small as you want.  You could make it out of Legos or maybe you even have a box that is big enough for you to sit inside.

Music-  (There will be a zoom meet so please check to see what time.)

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May 22nd

Today we are going on a Field Trip!  Let’s travel to Outer Space and then hear a story from a real life astronaut.  Safe travels space cadets 3…2…1 Blast Off!

Part 1

Part 2


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May 21st

Today is a makeup day for any missing assignments. An email was sent out with a list of assignments that are missing.

Also if you have any missing assignments for Art, Music, Spanish, Gym, and/or Computers please send them to the teachers.

Don’t for get to sign in for the day even if you do not have makeup work. Today assignment for all student even the ones with makeup work!


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May 20th

Skills Skills 10 Lesson 13(1)

Knowledge Knowledge 12 Lesson 4

Math TellingTimetotheHourKindergarten(5)

Science-build a landmark just pick one of the four pictures


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