June 1-2, 2020

It was nice to make our graduation stepping up ceremony art project.  I saw the self-portraits and they were great.  You  added a straw or craft stick and you sang with them as if you had been on stage at school.  Hope you had fun making it.

The songs you sang and the rhymes you acted out was great to see. Today seeing each family come to get their report cards and gift was nice and now you are officially ready for Kindergarten. Keep practicing your letters and numbers and listening to stories.. Build, play games and enjoy the summer.  Best regards. Ms. Rienzi

Pre-K 4 May 27,28,29, 2020

We have been so busy .I am so proud of all you work that you sent me . Your watemelon project and being detectives looking for things around your house that begin with colors yellow and red,  were exciting to see.  Please check  Classdojo;s assignments in Portfolio;s today.  Have a great day,

Last PK3 Lesson: Tuesday, June 2nd


1.    Opposites:  Class Dojo: Opposites-Talk about and match the Opposite items

2.  Number Review 1-5: 

 3.    Watch the Pre-k Basics Videos

 4.  Discuss Summer and Positional Words:

  • “I See Summer”:  Listen for Rhyming Words:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTmJYJplghk
  • Summer Word Wall Cards-Look at cards and discuss Summer activities
  • Class Dojo:  Miss Carpenter shows “Positional Words” with a Beach Ball

5.  The First Day of Prek-Talk about September

  • “The Night Before Prek 4”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHmtsAMcUxY

PK3 Lessons for Monday, June 1st

Just a few more days.  Here are the lessons for Monday, June 1st.  Thank you once again for all you do parents!!!  You are heroes.  This week we’ll practice our name and one more Religion lesson.

  1. Your Name: If you need a new Name Tracer Sheet just email me.
    • Name strips: Look at name strips. Practice spelling your name. See if they can spell their first name by themselves.
    • Name Tracing: Put first name and full name sheets in the plastic protector. Practice tracing with the erasable marker.

2. Number Review 1-5

  • Class Dojo: Sing along with Miss Carpenter
  • “5 Green and Speckled Frogs” and “5 Little Ducks”

3. Watch the Pre-k Basics Videos: 

4. Summer and Positional Words:  

  •   Sesame Street: “Journey to Ernie: At the Beach
  • Class Dojo: Miss Carpenter shows “Positional Words” with a Beach Ball

5. Religion: We Love God-Look at and discuss lesson

6.  Color Review: “Dog’s Colorful Day” by Emma DoddWatch video book and review colors. Add the colored dots to your Dog picture.

PK 3 Lesson for Friday, May 29th

It’s Friday, the weekend is almost here.   We only have a few more days of school.
Here are the lessons for today:

 1.   Mo Willems:  Watch 1 or both Pigeon online stories then draw a Pigeon picture with a Bus or Puppy

2.   “Little Red Riding Hood”:  Cool School isn’t traditional a little silly

3.      Summer Clothing:  Miss Carpenter Dresses for Summer on Class Dojo

  • Discuss Summer Clothing-Look at Clothing and Clothing Word Wall Cards

4.  Alphabet Review:

5.  Number Review 1-12

6.  Watch the Pre-k Basics Videos:

7.  Read a Book at Home

8.  Play Doh

PK3 Lessons for Thursday, May 28th

Happy Thursday!!.

Yesterday was a beautiful Day.  I hope you were able to go out and look at flowers and plants.  Thursday lessons are Summer Fun, Alphabet and Number Review

1.  Going to the Beach:
  •  “Sea, Sand, Me” by Hubbel:  Summer Beach Trip-Listen for Rhyming Words   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQAUEGL9bmg&t=111s 
  • Summer Word Wall Cards-Look at cards discuss Summer items and activities  file:///D:/Worksheet%20Summer%20Word%20Wall%202.pdf file:///D:/Worksheet%20Summer%20Word%20Wall%201.pdf   
  • Draw a Summer Picture  (See Email) 

2.  Rhyming Words: What is a Rhyming Word? Can you find some?

  • Class Dojo: Miss Carpenter reads “Fat Cat” by Nora Gaydos  Look for Rhyming Words
  • Look for and match rhyming words

3.  Alphabet Review and gluing practice

4. Number Bingo:  (See Email)

5.  Motor Skills Paper Airplane-Make an Airplane for your child and show them how to fly it

6. Watch the Pre-k Basics Videos:

7. Read a Book at Home

8.  Play Doh

9.  Water Play– Fill a bucket with water and give child different containers and measuring cups/utensils. They practice pouring without spilling.

Visit Mrs. V Music Page!!

Mrs. V created a site for you!!! Click on the link below to visit!


We didn’t have music last Thursday.  So Mrs. V took the time to create a “Virtual Music Class”.  Click on the link then visit the different sites and activities in “Mrs. V’s Music Room”.


Happy Wednesday Pre-K 4 May 27,2020

We start our day with prayer each day.  Please sign in ClassDojo each morning before 12 o’clock.

Today’s assignments and activities are in ClassDojo. Please send work as soon as it is complete . Have a great day.  Our last day of school will be June 2, 2020 of Pre-K 4

I am so proud of you! Learning your phone number and address is important.  Practice each day. and all of a sudden you will know it without looking at your paper.  I was impressed seeing you dialing your number. on a telephone paper.  Wow great job.

PK3 Lesson for Wednesday, May 27th

Lessons for Wednesday, May 27th

1.  Plants:

  • Scholastic Video:    What are Plants?   https://watchandlearn.scholastic.com/videos/animals-and-plants/plants/what-are-plants.html
  • Class Dojo:  Look at a plant with Miss Carpenter-Root, Stem, Leaves, and Flower
  • Look at emailed Plant Cards to Review Parts of a flower/plant
  • Look at outside plants (Bushes, Trees, Flowers) Discuss parts of a plant. How are they the same and different?
2.  Draw or trace a plant:  (Emailed Plant Resources) 
  • Review and discuss parts of a plant after reviewing the emailed plant cards
  •    Draw your own flower picture or trace and label plant tracer sent by email

3,  Alphabet Review: 

4.  Counting 1-10

  • 1-10 Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xewMVtMk14Q
  • Playing Cards- Use cards 2-9.  Place 2 cards down and child selects the larger card
5.    Number Worksheet:  Trace Numbers 5-8 (Emailed Seperately)
6.  Watch the Pre-k Basics Video
7.  Read a Book at Home

8.  Play Doh and Scissor Practice-Roll Play Doh and then cut in pieces with scissors

9. Water Play- Fill a bucket with water and give child different containers and measuring cups/utensils.  They practice pouring without spilling.


Happy Tuesday

Welcome Back after our three day weekend.  We had beautiful days to enjoy !

Please check our Class Story of an outline of our day today. Your assignments are posted in ClassDojo Portfolios. Sending me pictures, videos of your beautiful work is appreciated and tells me a lot of how my class has grown this year.  We know our letters and numbers, can build and create zoo animals, make a garden out of Lego and added drawing of  flowers.  Some children used Gears and created flowers with Gears.  We made a zoo book that you put together and drew your own cover for it. Wow what great ideas. You’ve been busy dancing and singing songs. You’ve been detectives and found many things in your home that begins with the letter for the week.  You used your three stuffed animals to show what positional words middle ,over and under mean. .We put puzzles together. did art projects, sang songs. We prayed everyday and saluted our flag as well as singing our song You’re a Grand Old Flag.

Our theme this week is summer fun. There are songs to sing about summer, so get your sunglasses ready as we act them out and sing them. Our last letter of the alphabet is Zz. Yeah we will now know all of our sounds for Kindergarten.! We know how to count to 20 and can build towers to show each number’s value.  Have a great week. Ms. Rienzi