Red Ribbon Week October 22-26 and October 29 and 30th

This week we begin “Red Ribbon Week”. We will color ribbons red and decorate our classroom door and windows with red ribbons;
We will also tie red ribbons on the tree trucks in front of our school.
This week.we will talk about healthy nutritious foods that are good for us. and how exercise keeps us strong and healthy. We will have tag day this Friday, October 26th and we will wear red. This week we will have a Box Top contest. The class that collects the most box tops gets an ice cream party. Please fill up the BoxTop paper sent home last week. Make duplicates and fill them up with Box Tops and return them to school as quick as you can so that our PreK 3 and 4 classes may win the contest and enjoy an ice cream party! In gym this week the children will be exercising and having fun playing together. We will also be working on creating a healthy choice poster for ” Red Ribbon Week”, Looking forward to an exciting week.
Thank you for working on the skills on IXL . I saw all my children’s progress so far; Your doing a great job.! Some of my students need to start playing the games on IXL. It’s fun and your learning..
Please look in your child’s folders for their homework on Tuesday and Thursday and return it to me the next day; Last week I didn’t give homework on Thursday because we were off on Friday; Hope your enjoying our pictures. Best Regards, Ms Rienzi and Ms. Carpenter

Please review your child’s progress report qnd return to Ms. Rienzi and Ms. Carpenter by Friday,October 26, 2018..

Important October Events !! October 15-19, 2018

Winter Uniforms on Monday, October 15th
Tuesday October 16th -Homework – Please  look for a counting paper in your child’s folder. Please continue working on IXL learning games.  This week’s skill will be counting to ten.
Wednesday is Picture Day. October 17th. Please wear uniforms.
Thursday, October 18th – Progress Reports will be distributed.
Friday, October 19th there will be no school.- Professional Day
Thank you to the parents who sent in your child’s party money for this year. If you did not send it in please send it in this week in an envelope with your child’s name and labeled Pre-K 3 or Pre K 4.
Thursday, October 18th – Homework – Please  look for a letter paper. We’re reviewing letters A-D this week.
Please continue to practice IXL learning games for 10 minutes. We received five certificates from IXL for excellent performance on pre-K math skills. On October 11, 2018 my class received a Certificate of Excellence awarded for completion of 500 math problems and on October 13th the class received another Certificate of Excellence  for excellent performance on 25 Pre-K math skills.

Best Regards,                                                                                                                      Ms. Rienzi and Ms.Carpenter