Important November Dates to Remember !!


  • November 21st, Prayer Service 11:00 am and a 12:30 DismissalNo Aftercare ,No Lunch  .
  • November 22nd and 23rd , Thanksgiving Recess  School Closed

If you did not return your signed progress report please do so by this Wednesday, November 14th.  The children had a great week last week. I hope your enjoyed seeing the children’s Float or Sink science experiment . On Friday they had many objects to experiment with.  They were eager to learn and had a lot of fun working and learning together. We did this on Friday and will follow up with an experience chart to recall which  objects floated or sank and discuss why this happens.

This week we will  be talking about the First Thanksgiving and how the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims  hunt, plant  corn, and build their homes. We will learn some of the symbols  the Wampanoag Native Americans used  and what they mean. We will attempt to make a Wetu  which is the  Wampanoag’s home.  We will also be making Pilgrim hats and coloring  a Pilgrim boy and girl picture. Next week  we  will also make Native American head  dresses  with our sixth grade  prayer partners.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving !                              Ms. Rienzi and Ms. Carpenter