December in PreK- 3&4

December has been exciting for the PreK- 3 &4.    They are very busy singing, coloring, painting and building each day.  The children are learning to share and help each other. They are building many structures during free play, Some children are writing their names independently and others are learning to recognize their names.  The children love to trace letters, shapes and numbers. They are learning to follow directions and work quietly when printing their name and looking at library books. Their fine motor skills are developing. by cutting  zigzag line, curved lines, and straight lines.

In Science we talked about objects  that can roll,or slide .  We made an experience chart and the children predicted what they thought would roll or slide . We then experimented using our ramps with the objects listed on our chart to find out.

In math were working on patterns, shapes designs, number recognition. The children are asked to write a number and illustrate it by drawing shapes to show how many each number represents. We play a counting game.with cups and bears. If the cup they get says 6 they put 6 bears in the cup.  We have gone up to ten.  Some children have gone higher!

Hope your enjoying all the pictures posted.  Looking forward to our Christmas Concert on December 19th.  The children should be dressed in their Sunday best. The children will be wearing a Santa hat that will be given to them the night of the concert.

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas,                                                                               Ms. Rienzi and Ms. Carpenter