Happy New Year! 2019 from Pre-K 3&4

Pre-K3 and  Pre-K4 had a very exciting time in December. We learned about Jesus’ birth and the Nativity Scene was displayed in our hallway. We learned vocabulary words that told the story of Jesus birth. The children were able to name all the people, animals, three Kings and Angel Gabriel that told the true story of the birth of our new born King, Jesus. We look forward to the Epiphany on January 6th when the three Kings come to see Jesus and  bring him their gifts. Our classroom Advent wreath helped us prepare for Jesus’ birth.  It made the children aware of the time when Christmas was coming .  We counted the candles and placed a paper flame on each of the four candles.  As we got to the third week the children were so excited for Christmas.  Our elf Elfie arrived during our first week of Advent. The children found him each day in different places. One day he was on our smart board, another day he was in Pre-K3 ‘s class on their white board. He was near our Christmas tree with lights around him. He was found in our nap room on someone’s cot with glow stick necklaces  and  bracelets for the children. One day he brought cookies for all. Oh I’m sure he told Santa about all our good listeners. Hope all  had a wonderful Blessed Christmas and looking forward to a happy healthy New Year .

Our theme this week will be winter. We will be making snowmen, listening to a New Year story, viewing a wintertime video and creating an edible snowman/snow girl using banana pieces, pretzel sticks, shredded carrot pieces, chocolate chips and marshmallows. I can’t wait to see the children’s unique creations!  Oh what fun in Pre-K 3&4. We will continue  reviewing our letters and their sounds, counting objects, writing numbers,  painting, building,  coloring and  printing  our name. Please remember Friday we will be going to church and leaving at 12:30 pm.  We hope your enjoying the events posted on our Blog!

Best Wishes Ms. Rienzi and Ms. Carpenter