January and February – Oh What Fun in Pre-K !

We are having a lot of fun learning and sharing each day.
Everyday the children are engaged with art projects, play, building and singing alphabet, number, color and days of the week songs. They can recite the days of the week and are learning to print their name and draw pictures to express their ideas. We do the Hokey Pokey together during circle time and sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes. They dance and exercise each day and most of all interacting with their classmates, sharing and praying, We always say Grace before snacks and lunch and pray the Our Father and Hail Mary daily. On Valentine’s Day please have your child sign their name to their Valentine cards and not address them to their classmates so it will be easy for them to give out their cards quickly. We’re looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day together, Hope your enjoying our Class page to see your children in action in Pre-K 3&4 during January and  February,  We are very proud of all of our students !
Best Regards,
Ms. Rienzi and Ms. Carpenter

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