May is the month to honor our Mother Mary and the Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 created  beautiful flowers and butterflies for her. They love to recite the Hail Mary in class and visit her in class at our prayer corner. We can recite the Hail Mary, Our Father, and make the sign of the cross.

The children have grown. Our last letter this week is Z.and the children had a lot of fun learning their alphabet. We listened to many alphabet videos and played many learning games to reinforce our alphabet sounds. In math we have recited our numbers to 20. The children enjoy counting and tracing their numbers. They love to sort objects by color and size. They play with number and color flash cards and can recognize their color words. Some of the children can spell them!

In Science we talked about and show videos on the life cycle of a butterfly. We learned about zoo animals, ocean animals, and farm animals.  We saw videos which took us to the zoo, farm and under the sea. During block time we built our own zoo in class using zoo animals and creating cages for the wild animals. We also had a large map of the world to show the children where some of the animals live and placed them on the map using picture cards.

The Pre- K 4 class colored a barn, cut and pasted it on a large piece of paper and drew their favorite animals and people who lived on their farm.

The children are looking forward to our Stepping Up day on Friday, May 24th and the barbecue to follow. We are also excited and getting ready for the Pre-K4 Stepping Up ceremony on June 4th at 9:00,  Please remember to send in your 25.00 fee for this celebration for your child.It is due on May 22nd.

Best Regards,

Ms.Rienzi & Ms. Carpenter