Important events during Catholic Schools’ Week

We’re off to a great start. Our Sunday Mass was inspirational and beautiful.  Pre-K 3&4 are asked to bring in oatmeal /cereals this week so that we can compete with the whole school in an event called “Food Wars”  I will graph all the grades to see which class will win by bringing in the most items. Each day the children and I will count the cereals and post our number onto our graph in the cafeteria. We can see each day how each class is doing.  The class with the most items by Thursday, January 30th will have a pizza or ice cream party!   The winning class will be announced on Friday. Thank you for your help to make this a success. We appreciate your contributions. The Belleville police were here today to receive a beautiful poster signed by all of our students  to show our appreciation for their service to St. Peter’s School. Please continue  to check out our school’s website.

We’re also having Penny Races this week. Please see how this works on the agenda for Catholic Schools’ Week. Jugs will be put outside the classroom doors each morning for the day and will not be emptied until Friday.  The winners will be announced the following week.  The winning class will have a pizza party.

On Tuesday will be playing Alphabet Bingo with our prayer partners. There will also be a free Tag Day for our students. Please wear school colors.   On Wednesday is open house from 9:00am-2:00am.  Come see our Stem Fair -1:00 pm-3:00pm or 6:00-8:00pm.  On Thursday please bring in a special item you would liked to be blessed by Father during our prayer service in the gym. Perhaps a prayer book, metal  or rosary beads.

Best regards,

Ms. Rienzi  and  Ms. Carpenter

Pre-K 3&4 News

I’d like to wish all of our families a happy and healthy New Year!  The children are excited to be back in school and ready to learn.   This first week of the new year has been busy. We are learning about winter. Pre -K 4 saw a video which showed the children how a white fox , white owls  survive in cold weather. We saw a white  rabbit and we talked about how each animal moves We learned that its was hard for the photographer in this video to find the white fox because it was white and the snow was too.  At the end of the week Pre-K 3&4  will be experimenting with ice.  We’re going to feel it and add salt to it and see what happens. We’re also going to add food coloring to a cup of ice and see what happens to the ice and then add another color to it to see what happens after it melts. Does the color change. We’ll find out.  Please continue using IXL at home with your child. It’s fun to play games to learn math skills for Pre-K4. Counting to 10 reinforces number recognition and helps your child understand the value for each number they are learning in class.  We have a raffle to win a giant Hershey bar and a cute bear.  It costs two dollars for a chance to win it.  If you wish to purchase  a chance or two the upper grade students will come to our class to collect their money and enter their name for a chance win. Hope you are enjoying our website. Thank you for your children. We enjoy working with them and watching them grow each day.

Best Regards,

Ms. Rienzi  and Ms. Carpenter