February – Pre-K 3&4

Pre-K 3 & 4 are growing and learning each day. We have learned about dinosaurs, sang songs about them and learned that some were meat eaters and some only ate plants.  The children enjoyed watching dinosaur videos and playing with dinosaurs in class. The children used our large soft blocks to build a mountain and put their favorite dinosaurs on top. Black history theme has been exciting for the children. We learned about Rosa Parks. The children saw a video and then after discussing the video they were given a bus to color and on that bus the children drew Rosa in the front of the bus. We also learned about Jackie Robinson. The children enjoyed hearing his story of how his love for baseball and his attitude of “never give up” helped him achieve his goal to become a baseball player,  This week we will be learning about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Dental Hygiene.

Thank you to all the parents who brought in cards and treats for the class. The children had a great Valentine’s Day party.

Pre-K 4 children need to continue working on IXL math skills during the week. Every  Thursday you will find a paper in your child’s folder to do for homework. . It might be a letter, number  pattern or counting paper. Please return it to me on Friday.  Thank you, Ms. Rienzi and Miss Carpenter