Bienvenidos! (Looking for Computer work? Check my Computer blog!)

PLEASE remember, if you are in Grades 3-8 you NEED a notebook for Spanish class!!!

ttp:/Gr/…See info below

activity rubric

(for projects, in-class assessments, etc.)

Behavior rubric – see me for information

Grade 8  will present their “fin de semana” (weekend) reports every Wednesday during Spanish class using past tense verbs.  If you don’t know the past tense of a verb in Spanish, use the site to help!  These will count as a grade and is a great way to not only practice speaking in class, but help balance out those upcoming test grades!

Here is a worksheet to help you!  You can print this out, fill it in and bring it to school on Wednesdays, or copy it onto paper.





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Technology Fun Fact!

Hi everyone!  Welcome to another fun year of Computer classes at St. Peter School!

Here you can find all the information you need about Google Classroom SEE LINKS BELOW FOR HELPFUL VIDEOS!

1. You will need your Google account log-in information, as well as your class code.  There will be separate class codes for each teacher you have (including specials!). Your teachers should be posting their class codes on their webpages! SEE THIS LINK PRIOR TO “BACK TO SCHOOL” FOR CLASS CODES!


NEW STUDENTS: Please e-mail me at to get your account information!!!!  This information will also be available on pick-up day.

How to set up a Google account

How to set up a Google Classroom/enter class code




In conjuction with Mr. Laudati’s Phys. Ed. classes, I am posting a fun Zumba workout for you to try!  Here is the link!









Welcome (or Bienvenidos!)

Hola!  I am Miss O’Shea and I have been at St. Peter’s School since the Fall of 2012!

This blog will help me keep all of you informed on what is going on in my Spanish and Computer classes!

This year I will also be revisiting my roots in PreK!

You will see below that there is a link for Spanish and one for Computers.  I’ll try to update as often as possible!

Happy reading!