JUNE is here!

Finally you have arrived.  Whew! that was a tough year for all of us here in St. Peter’s School, but we were able to went through the obstacles with God’s grace we persevere.  Our Kindergarteners shouted on the last day…HOORAY! We made it!

This batch of Kindergarten 2021 will be forever remembered in the history of St. Peter’s school.  They were brave in coming to school everyday despite the threat of the pandemic and the  hardship of the new normal,  that is practising social distancing and wearing the mask all the time.

A big shoutout to their parents too,  who entrusted their children to us.  And my personal appreciation for their  help in assisting me  on those  days  that  we had to be on remote learning.  Thank you moms, dads and granparents too.

And of course I wouldn’t  miss  this opportunity  of  thanking my fellow teachers who help me through my first year here in St. Peter’s,  Mr. Laudeti for your patience and guiding me on my first days, Ms. O’Shea for helping me on my technology issues, Ms. Carpenter who is always there giving some insights , inputs , ideas and helping me with my students, Ms. Mary for all the help I needed  and most of all to Mrs. Sisco for her trust and guidance.

And to all my fellow faculty and staff thank you.

Enjoy our summer break and hope to see you all this September.


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MAY ….the month has been.

We can’t believe the month of  MAY  has passed so quick. It was a bittersweet month, knowing that it was the month that we had to do all our final things need to be done. Our final assessments, wrapping up the chapters on the lessons learned and towards the middle of the month we were busy practising our graduation presentations.

But it was also an exciting month, knowing that our graduation was just around the corner. Memorial day was the unofficial start of summer and we can’t wait for the summer to come.

And to top it all, MAY was the month of MARY… our blessed mother and intercessor.
MAY the force of GOD be with you.

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April Cool

April has been a refreshing month. Easter took place on the first Sunday and we have our break on the following week. We were able to enjoy the spirit of Risen Christ on our break by spending more time with our families. We also celebrate Earth Day by planting seeds in the pot and watch them grow everyday. It promises new hope and light on the current situation.
The kindergarteners are all happy and energetic that they get to go more outside and enjoy the spring breeze during our recess.

Learning is getting more exciting everyday.

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MARCH to Spring!

Lenten observance is happening in the entire month of March. In our religion class, we practice the Lenten season by being prayerful and kind to each other. We were learning the lives of the Saints in particular that of St. Patrick and St. Joseph, being their feast days fall on this month. In Math, we are learning addition on the ten frame and groups of ten addition, and also learning the vertical addition of single and 2-digit numbers. In Language Arts and Phonics, we are reading books and the page book too from the textbook we are using, we continue writing sentences in our Do Now and reading it too. We also celebrated Dr. Seuss on the first week of March. We had Dr. Seuss activities such as reading his books everyday, watching the Cat in the Hat movie and the Lorax, we were also able to make a Dr. Seuss arts and crafts by making the iconic hat of the Cat in the Hat, a fish bowl of One fish, Two fish and so much more. The children enjoyed it so much.
The kindergarteners are so excited of Springtime weather that they can’t wait to MARCH into Spring.

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R-O-A-R-Y is February.

We all know that February is the short month of the year, but it is packed with so many activities in school. We are supposed to celebrate the ” Catholic Schools Week” this week. But the weather prevented us from coming to school. But despite of it all, we beat the odds by celebrating it in our virtual class. The kindergarten students were able to make posters in line with the celebration, thanking God for the our faith, celebrating life with our family and friends at St. Peter School and showing their love and gratitude to GOD and to the people who help them grow in love and faith.

In Math we learned Tally Marks, Bar Graphs, Pictographs and started the addition operation.

In Phonics and Language arts we are now in Unit 4 , lesson 16 in our textbook. Children learn building fluency on words they studied, decoding , reading  and putting it  into writing.

There’s still a lot of learning that took place in such a short amount of time due to the school closure on the first two days of this week,
February we are ready!
Have a great weekend and stay safe and blessed.

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Happy New Year 2021

The kindergarten class wants to welcome everyone to a New Year of hope and positivity and wishing for a healthy and happy new year.  With that being said,  everyone in our class is very optimistic and enthusiastic to start a brand new year of learning and growing.

In our class, we just started chapter 5 of our Mathematics book, we are now in Unit 3 of our Phonics to Reading book.  We are decoding letters and constructing simple sentences using our sight words.  In our religion class, we are using the kindergarten  Faith First  book.   We are learning about the stories of conversion and forgiveness, learning new prayers like the Angel’s prayer and Doxology.

With the present set up of remote learning, it did not dampen the spirit of the children.  They are as eager as before, with the great help of their parents and grandparent, I couldn’t be thankful enough to have been blessed with such wonderful families.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support and time you give during this time.  We are together in getting there.

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year everyone!

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Christmas spirit is on.

We already felt the spirit of Christmas. The first Sunday of December marked the first Sunday of Advent, in our classroom, we decorated four advent candles and lit already two candles. Each candle has a meaning that is faith, hope, love and peace.
Tomorrow, we also celebrate the feast day of the Immaculate Conception, it is in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary being conceived without original sin. She is the Immaculate Conception. It is a holy day of obligation among the Catholics. St. Peter School is closed for that day.
We are also excited moving forward to our lesson, in Math we mastered our numbers 0 to 9, we learned comparisons, fewest and most. In language arts and phonics we decode our letters and new sight words and reading our stories in text. We are busy bees doing our Christmas art projects, decorating our classroom and hallway as well as  learning Christmas songs too. Kindergarten are very excited to have Christmas again.
We love to greet everyone a very Merry Christmas to all!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week is a short week for all of us.  Wednesday will be half day and we have 4 days of thanksgiving recess.  Everybody are looking forward to spend thanksgiving celebration with the family and loved ones.  Although with the new development of the current situation, this will be a different celebration with safety and health consciousness for everybody should be the main concern and be taken into  great consideration.

Our boys and girls are aware of the present situation and they understand the new normal way of life.  Yet,  the fun of learning and discovering new things never change.

From the Kindergarten Class wishing you all a safe and a happy Thanksgiving to all.

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Kindergarten are grateful and thankful!

As the leaves of Autumn are  falling and the chilling winds blew, kindergarten boys and girls rise up to the challenges everyday and so warm in welcoming a new horizon of learning.  They come everyday with a warm smile that would melt everybody’s heart and an enthusiastic energy that would make everybody on the go.

We are now learning to be more thankful and grateful to those people who love and care for us, and most of all the LOVE of Jesus that sustains us everyday on these time of uncertainty.  Despite of it all, we are moving and rising everyday… and getting ready to be smarter and wiser.

Kindergarten, we are grateful and thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Kindergarten Shines!

As we continue our journey to learning, our Kindergarten students are very enthusiastic and full of energy in discovering and learning new things everyday. Practicing safety protocols became their second nature.
We are shining in learning our alphabets and sight words such as I, a, can and see. In Math, we are mastering our counting numbers from 1 to 20 and learning more on shapes. In Social Studies and Science, we are learning the important role of the frontliners in the community and learning the change of the seasons and weather. Recess time is always exciting for the kids to go out and be one with nature and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.
We have a guardian angel role when we line up and they are very excited about it.

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